The Ranch Harley-Davidson®
4101 Texas Hwy 6, South College Station, TX 77845

What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers Are Saying



Very courteous and knowledgeable sales people with a great atmosphere at the dealership

Matthew Medina, Austin, TX



I am DANG proud to say I purchased my first Harley Davidson at The Ranch. The salesperson I had ROCKED and the entire experience was awesome!! Every single employee was happy, very knowledgeable about their department and extremely welcoming!! I have been into many Harley Davidson shops around the world, none like this!! Each time I have been back to purchase additional items, my experience has been stellar and I always see Susan Gipson, the owner visible, busy and always making customers feel right at home!!

Monica Armendariz, Hempstead, TEXAS



Very happy with everything the ranch did for me. Took my car in for trade gave me what I wanted for trade. I want to give a huge thanks to my friend Blake l for helping me find the right bike for a great deal. Also want to thank Susan, Kevin, and Justin for all there help also. I'm looking forward to attending events y'all hold. Thanks a million. Highly recommended

Brandon Scully, College Station, TX



Lost A front wheel bearing about 46 miles from the dealership. You sent a truck right out to pick us up and got me into the shop and as soon as they had an opening got and replaced the bearing, washed the bike and sent us back on our way. Appreciate the helpfulness of all the staff in all the departments. Great job, I may have just found our new dealership!

Gordon Tomb, VANCLEAVE, MS



Looks like a fun and eventful day, We will be there..

Robert Healy, Bedias, TX



Thats a great deal the warranty for life, BUT All the dealerships I had work done even out of state after a bike is several years old they will not touch it (Mancuso, Denver CO. HD for example) So say 10 years from now "Ranch HD dealership" has a new owner or the name changes everyone that has a "Life warranty" just went out the window????

David Kolajajak, Navasota, TEXAS



I don't own a motorcycle but I love this business. I have a friend who owns a harley bought at The Ranch and I go in there with him. This place is just fun to be in, lots of energy and friendly employees. It make me wish I had a Hog!! Keep being The Ranch!!!!

Robert Jesurun, Bryan, TX



Yall really do make EVERYONE feel like family. Never have had a bad experience since Gip and Susan have taken over. Love these folks

Gary Hansen, Anderson, TX



Wanted to say Thanks to the Service Manager & your Crew. Appreciate the time and attention you gave us & the quick repair on my Road Glide (lights). You guys are top notch and deserve the recognition. Thanks again,Acadiana Reguladores LEMC

Brian Webb, Youngsville, LOUISIANA



I bought a pair of boots they're over 3 years ago I still have them they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned and got them at a great price

Monte Todd, Giddings, TEXAS



I purchased a 2016 Pro Street Breakout this past week. My experience with this dealership was very satisfying. The attention to details, product knowledge, and over all concern for me as the customer was unbeatable. When I asked them to make me a deal I couldn't refuse they did it! I was happily put into a position where i felt motivated to buy. I test rode the bike, four times over a months time, to make sure my choice was thoroughly thought out. They explained all the details about financing, warranties, accessories, protection plans, etc. in easy to understand language which made me even more confident in making this purchase. If you plan to purchase, or sell a motorcycle, I would encourage you to go to The Ranch Harley Davidson in College Station, Texas. T.K.G




My Wife and I purchased a 2017 Street Glide Special and it was by far the best experience we have ever had with any type of dealership.

Thanks to the great sales staff and people we will continue to go with the Ranch for any of our Harley needs. THANK YOU Dorothy.

Kevin Grizzle, Navasota tx, TX



The people at Independence Harley are AWESOME! Wonderful experience buying my 2013 Dyna 110th anniversary bike from Don and the staff!! Would definitely go back to them again!Brenda




Independence is by far the best Harley dealer I have ever been to! Don, thank you for your patience and for making my dream come true. Also a big thank you to Curtis, Justin, and Jeff! Thank you for everything.

Brenda Shinneman, Pearland, TX



They have the very best Harley dealership I have been to, even since I moved to MI I still go back to buy my bikes and have service done whenever possible.

Jim Brainard, Eaton Rapids, MI



Ive always wanted to visit a Harley Dealership, but Ive never had reason too prior and felt kind of intimidated to just walk in and browse. However, you guys have completely won me over. I felt at ease and comfortable the whole time I was there. Curtis, my sales representative, was very enthusiastic and diligent about winning my business. We talked or texted frequently. I was impressed on how well he kept up communication throughout the purchase. More importantly he was genuine and didn't use antiquated salesman tactics. When it came time to chose between locations I didn't even have to think twice about choosing IH-D over the other dealers I was negotiating with. Jeremy did a fantastic job closing the deal. He immediately built rapport and trust with me. He was friendly, appreciative, personable, straight-forward and he didn't try to hard sell me. Justin, in finance, also spent a really long time with me answering all my questions even the ones that didn't have to do with the sale. I tied him up for a good long while, but he was super friendly and answered all of my questions thoroughly. Katie did a great job outfitting me. She was so sweet, complimentary and knowledgeable. She guided me in determining whether a low boot or high boot would best suit my riding needs. Todd, in parts, was equally helpful and full of tips.Curtis, the Manager, did a brilliant job welcoming me as a Lady of Harley and at putting me at ease.I have to give a special thanks to Jeff, your service underwriter. This is my first bike so I had a lot of questions and also didn't know some questions to ask. He did a great job filling in the gap. He was very patient, detailed and practical without being condescending. When I told him I am a 1st time rider he did his best to think through what a new rider wouldn't know and took the time to explain in detail some things that I needed to know. He also gave me a lot of good tips on accessories that promote safety and comfort. Based on his recommendation I ended up unexpectedly buying the Daymaker Headlamp, no buyers remorse on this safety feature. We also had a good long chat about what stands out at I H-D versus other dealers. Id like to acknowledge that difference. He told me that the relationship that you guys are working on building is with the dealership. This is significantly different then the approach of another Houston based dealer that tried to indoctrinate me into the Harley culture as a basis for spending more with them and being able to socialize at their location. Frankly I related more to their young long haired hipster salesman and to your staff than I did to the iconic looking district manager. I recognize the significance of Harley as part of America history as much as the cowboy is. Every time I hear the word Harley the vision of driving into the sunset on an open road in the very American country-side jumps into my mind, but Id like to acknowledge that you guys are trending with the changes in culture and era. Therein lies the reason I was so comfortable. You guys made such an impact on me that I remembered all of your names and I normally dont even remember a one. Your friendly staff, the way in which you introduced me to every department, the significant time you spent on helping me understand my purchase and the services you provide has won over my loyalty and business going forward even though I live in Harris county. When I left Jeff says welcome to the family and I really do feel the welcome. Thanks a bunch.

Jaky Wynn, Katy, TX